Vineet Tyres is one of the leading tyre dealers in Meerut, they bring to you wide range of products catering to diverse customers. They bring to you passenger vehicle tyres and commercial vehicle tyres from the world class leading and trusted brands like-Apollo, Michelin, Pirelli, Falken and Goodyear. They believe that the tyre is the only part of the vehicle that makes direct contact with the road that is why using and maintaining tyre correctly as well as being aware of their characteristics, is fundamental in order to guarantee safety in any situation, to increase your tyres lifespan and to save money. Vineet tyres offer the products that are made to last and committed to safety. They are always motivated to bring to you the best product efficiently without wasting your time, energy and money. The staff at Vineet tyres knows their product well and is always ready to make your buying experience a good one. Everyone knows that the condition of tyres is important for driving safety; perfect tyres ensure top mileage, safe performance and a longer useful life of your vehicles.

They are committed to always practice the principal of customer creed and build the best sales/support service system to meet customers’ needs accurately and promptly and enriching peoples’ lives by providing customers/consumers with safe and advanced products. They aim to expand their sales by supplying one of the broadest and deepest product range in the tyre market keeping in mind Indian roads, driving and vehicles. They try to deliver the products that are constantly trying to challenge the boundaries of technology, style and sustainability, setting trends across the world. The premium quality branded products, the ever serving customer oriented staff, amazing warranties, product description and reasonable prices are some of the qualities that make Vineet Tyres one of the most trusted and renowned tyre dealers of Meerut.

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3 Reviews

  1. Anuj Singh
    Anuj Singh
    November 26, 2019 at 5:37 pm Log in to reply.

    100% original product. satisfactory results.

  2. Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh
    December 4, 2019 at 2:12 pm Log in to reply.

    The service is exceptional, and the quality is 100% assured as per the brands provided.
    I opted for Michelin tyres and I am 100% satisfied with the results and quality provided.

  3. Naman Jain
    Naman Jain
    January 15, 2020 at 3:04 pm Log in to reply.

    Its a good experiance to visit “Vineet Tyres”. Orignal andn guaranteed products .

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